Out of this World

Beginning in January 2018, students from Hillcrest Elementary School, located in Brookings, S.D., started making weekly visits to the Children’s Museum of South Dakota as part of a unique offering called the Innovation Learning Lab. Innovation Learning Lab is a program created in collaboration with South Dakota State University, the Brookings School District, and the […]

Always More to Learn

The following is a continuation of the Innovation Learning Lab series. Read on to learn about how a group of students used what they learned about animal habitats to reach over 20,000 guests. When Hillcrest Elementary began coming to the Children’s Museum of South Dakota for Innovation Learning Lab (ILL) in January 2018, they split into […]

A Journey into Culture

The following is a continuation of the Innovation Learning Lab series. Read on to learn about how asking questions and empowering learners can create the opportunity for world-changing conversations. To many people, culture is synonymous with ethnicity and language; but, culture is more than that. Culture is ethnicity, language, region, family style, belief systems, personality […]

What Stories Do

Literature can move us in ways that few other things can. When we read or hear stories we are transported to another place and time. We learn about the world and even more about ourselves. The power in stories is that they create relationships. Stories help people connect with people, with materials, with art, and with the […]

Branching Out

Here at the Children’s Museum of South Dakota we are blessed with a beautiful outdoor prairie area; so, when the weather lets us, we like to be outside. And what better area of study in the outdoors than Nature Art. This Curious Kids Club session challenged kids with the question, “How can we create art […]

Rising to Democracy

No matter how long I work with children or in what capacity we work together, I continue to be amazed by how they think. The children I see regularly have been coming to the museum for programming since they were toddlers. Now at 8, 9 and 10 years of age, they have a talent for […]

Art Village

As the teacher preparing for an Exploring the Studio class, I reflected on how I could support children in discovering different ways to use art mediums while expressing their ideas and interests. I opened the class with the following provocation: “If you could create your own studio and be your own type of artist, what […]