New Heights Continued

Innovation Learning Lab is designed to promote children working together through inquiry to solve a problem. The following is a continuation of “New Heights”, the beginning of an exploration of compassion and consideration for others. Through the process of exploring how to help friends not feel scared when climbing the Cloud Climber, three main ideas […]

New Heights

The Children’s Museum of South Dakota’s iconic Our Prairie gallery is home to the beloved Cloud Climber where guests can climb to get a birds-eye view of the prairie below.  Much like the way the winds twist and turn across the Midwest prairie, each cloud platform curves its way toward the sky reaching heights of two […]

Full STEAM Ahead

When area school districts have “no school” days, it’s time for STEAM camp at the Children’s Museum of South Dakota. Since we are not a school in the traditional sense, the lessons we teach often speak to more than academia. STEAM camp covers concepts such as science, technology, engineering, art, and math, but we also […]

Fee Bee, Fee Bee, Fee Bee

The outdoor prairie of the Children’s Museum of South Dakota is home to small wooden boxes affixed to poles that are staked into the ground.  These boxes were the topic of discussion during a recent visit of the Innovation Learning Lab. Eighty students from Medary Elementary in Brookings, SD, explored these boxes documenting what they […]

Out of this World

Beginning in January 2018, students from Hillcrest Elementary School, located in Brookings, S.D., started making weekly visits to the Children’s Museum of South Dakota as part of a unique offering called the Innovation Learning Lab. Innovation Learning Lab is a program created in collaboration with South Dakota State University, the Brookings School District, and the […]

Always More to Learn

The following is a continuation of the Innovation Learning Lab series. Read on to learn about how a group of students used what they learned about animal habitats to reach over 20,000 guests. When Hillcrest Elementary began coming to the Children’s Museum of South Dakota for Innovation Learning Lab (ILL) in January 2018, they split into […]

A Journey into Culture

The following is a continuation of the Innovation Learning Lab series. Read on to learn about how asking questions and empowering learners can create the opportunity for world-changing conversations. To many people, culture is synonymous with ethnicity and language; but, culture is more than that. Culture is ethnicity, language, region, family style, belief systems, personality […]

What Stories Do

Literature can move us in ways that few other things can. When we read or hear stories we are transported to another place and time. We learn about the world and even more about ourselves. The power in stories is that they create relationships. Stories help people connect with people, with materials, with art, and with the […]